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UV DTF Cup Wrap - Daisy

Regular price $2.00 CAD
Regular price $4.75 CAD Sale price $2.00 CAD

These wraps measure 9.25" - 9.75" wide and 4.25" - 4.5" high depending on design. They will fit MOST 16 oz glass Libby cups but since all cups are made differently, there may be slight variations. Most of the wraps can be cut if needed to be able to place the image on different parts of the cup. 

The full colour wraps mean no more weeding designs. They will adhere to most hard surfaces and are VARY sticky. Once they are adhered, they cannot be moved! 

Scratch resistant and waterproof

Application instructions

Peel backing off the transfer - line up straight and press down onto item. Once transfer is on, smooth down with your fingers or squeegee to get out any air bubbles. Peel the clear film off and you are finished!